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I work as a freelance web scraper and Data
science specializing in Marketing analytics. I have a Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Science at Al-Azhar University, I'm a professional who is passionate about marketing, moreover; I'm mathematics and statistics addict, therefore; I learned marketing analytics and Kicked-off my career in this specialization, I am currently enrolled in a Master's degree in Statistics major at Cairo university.

Mastering AI as a tool enabled me to understand and match the right audience who seek your product, thus; predicting deep information about companies future, as for instance: which strategy to be applied in marketing to reach the elite customers. Let me know What's your passion. I will be glad to have a business relationship with you.


 "Anything we can analyze it and what we can analyze we can improve it"


web scraping

collect any data which you want from any website, and make this data in excel, CSV file or other format or storage in database.

data analysis

Analysis data by Google sheet, Excel, SQL, python and extract insights.


Dashboards show the most recent results in an interactive way and all results in one page.


My portfolio have two section, the first section  "web scraping", second section "Data analysis" 

web scraping projects

In this section, you see some project in web scraping by different python packages such as beautiful Soup, Selenium, scrapy, playwright.

Collected SSD data from amazon

In this project, I collect data which I want from amazon website by scrapy, the data which I collected like name, price, rate, number of review, link of image, driver price, capacity of ssd, company name, type of ssd, description, and put all this data in excel file.

collect number of  reactions, comment and shares from any page

In this project, I collected number of Reactions,  comments and shares by easy way, All you need to do is put URL.

Data analysis projects

In this section, you see some projects and different Techniques in data analysis by python

Generating Keywords for Google Ads

One of the most popular marketing tool is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). In this project, Generate all possible keywords that I want into SEM campaigning by python, if marketers do this manually is spend a lot of time, so this is awesome to do programmatically.

which page is better?

In this project, to answer this question, which website is familiar and lovely for people new or old?

How is blame?

In this project, a large number of patients were absent from the appointment and this is abnormal, so this analysis to find out the reason for the delay of the patients.

which books are more seller?

In this project, I wanted to know what characteristics of Amazon bestsellers are to help another store find out what characteristics are in those books for us to care about.

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